Meet Mike...he delivers smiles on Sunday

I was on my way to a meeting  in Old Town, Alexandria, VA early this morning, and as usual I was carrying my camera (duh...if you knew me this would not be news).  

Out of the corner of my eye I saw the mailman carrying an armful of packages.   

Hold up...wait's Sunday.  

Why is the mailman delivering packages on a Sunday?  Then I saw a large manila envelope with the simple iconic Amazon smile on it and quickly thought, oh he's moonlighting.

Ah no...not the case.... and this is how I met "Mike." 

He's a native to Alexandria, VA and has been working for the US Postal System (USPS) for about a year.  When I asked about Sunday delivery, he informed me that the USPS has been delivering on Sundays for 3 years now (apparently I didn't get that memo and neither did my mailman.) know I've never had a conversation with my mailman so of course now I have a dozen other questions...

I asked Mike about his hours and whether it was a busy holiday season (yeah, I know that was a dumb question, especially since we just established they need Sundays to keep up with the demand).  Wow, he's pulling what we Veterans would call "double duty," Mike says it's not uncommon for him to work 13-14 hour days!

By now I usually introduce myself so my subject understand that the sudden interrogation they are currently enduring is part of my photography journey to learn more about the world around me.

      |  "Thank you for your service"

I asked Mike if I could take his picture as I handed him my photography business card. I promised him I wasn't spying for his boss, to which he responded with a great smile and said "Thank you for your service"  (my Veteran status is on my business card.)

No Mike thank YOU for your service!  After all you are working 13-14 hour days during the holidays with a smile on your face to make sure we get our holiday gifts.  It was a pleasure making your acquaintance this morning, keep smiling.

Laura Hatcher is a retired Naval Officer, Mother, Harley Rider and Published Professional Photographer located in Northern Virginia. 

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